The Canary Islands lie only around 100 km of the North Western coast of Africa.
This geographic position is very favorable to establish trade links with some of the potential emerging economies of Africa.

Canary Islands have a solid economic base, based on its major potential of European Tourism. The agriculture and fishing industries are also very vibrant.
With this strong and sustainable economy, the Canary Islands have managed to develope one of the most dynamic commercial , financial and social infrastructures in Europe.

It has some of the most modern airports in the world as well as two of the most important sea ports. This way the Canary Islands are communicated with most of the important airports and sea ports and linked with other international commercial routes.

Being a part of Spain and the EEC, the Canary Islands have a secure and legal European infrastructure with very stable Political as well as Financial base.  At the same time as an offshore area of the EEC the Canary Islands enjoy some very attractive fiscal, financial and trade privileges. They have a special zone to establish business with tax incentives and also special funding possibilities to promote business establishments. The Canaries also enjoy special flights, shipping and transport rates making communication very cost effective.

This dynamism has created a very qualified human capital , high tech based business operations and some of the leading Universities in the country, pillars of a modern economy.

As you can imagine the above mentioned facts have positioned the Canary Islands as the most secure place to establish the logistics and operation Head Quarters for any company willing to do business in Africa.

This way the Canary Islands act as a very solid and secure gateway to doing business in Africa. There are regular flights connecting cities like Las Palmas and Santa Cruz to major West African countries.

The West African countries with their rich natural resources in Mineral, Agricultural, Oil & Gas Industries have a tremendous potential for doing business and generating income.
There is also a vast opportunity to develop other businesses like tourism and renewable energies in these vibrant economies.
And with the companies Head Quarters based in a secure and legal  (politically, commercially as well as financially) ground, like the Canary Islands, the risk of doing business in Africa drops down dramatically and the feasibility of generating sustainable income becomes much higher.

All these facts have already attracted many European and American companies to establish their Head Quarters on the Canary Islands, doing business in countries like: Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Cape Verde, Ghana, Nigeria etc.

We would be delighted to offer you our services in guiding and helping in establishing such an operation for your business.

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